Which VoIP service is best?

More companies are choosing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their telephone services. Which VoIP service is best? 

Today’s business telephony systems have hard work. They must provide voice communication with employees at their desks; they must support the call center in sales, customer service and support; and they must connect to many communication channels such as faxes, video conferences, conference calls, mobile communication, cordless phones and text messages.

In addition, they are often expected to provide more advanced features through the software, such as collaborative collaboration in meetings, transcription of voicemail to e-mail, and call recording. And let’s not forget that many companies still need a service that connects to the public switched telephone network

The best VoIP services at a glance

Comparing different VoIP providers can be difficult if you don’t know this technology. Here are four VoIP services to consider: 

RingCentral is especially suitable for the average business, with all the useful functions that the company needs. This includes an unlimited number of calls and conferences, toll-free numbers, a configurable caller ID, and support for up to 10 users. Larger packages add Internet fax, unlimited users, video conferencing, automatic call recording and many other useful features. 

Which VoIP service is best?

Jive Voice provides a list of all the features that you can get, such as recording, many conference options, custom messages, call filtering, fax to email, virtual fax, voicemail and voicemail to email etc. There are even more detailed features for unique contemporary business situations, such as Whispering, which allows a supervisor to eavesdrop on a conversation and talk to an agent – the perfect solution for a call center. A hot-desk is also available, which involves switching to different desks or devices in a flatter organization on the move.

8 × 8 offers so-called “virtual office” plans that perfectly match small and medium-sized businesses. The packages offer many features that we have already discussed, such as unlimited connections, auto-assistants, online connection management, conferences and compatibility with mobile devices, which include options for sending business messages. 

Verizon Business Digital Voice, usually known for its wireless service, also provides a fully functional VoIP platform adapted to growing and larger companies. There are many standard functions such as hanging, forwarding, waiting, call forwarding and caller identification. It also includes advanced features such as many monitoring options, voicemail for email services, and various web portals that administrators, IT professionals and agents can use to control the service. 

For now, work from home is a new standard. We still have a bumpy ride ahead, but having a reliable VoIP provider can help smooth the road. Fortunately, you have many options to choose from, with more digital features and affordable prices than ever before.



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