How To Build Custom Web Applications

When it comes to building custom web applications, you can take two pathways – either use your coding knowledge (or engage the expertise of software developers) or use website builder services.

One of these types is faster, cheaper, and requires no coding knowledge; while the other one is highly customizable, super-flexible, can offer better security, and much more. We will look at both of these methods for building web applications ahead.

What’s The Process Of Building Custom Web Applications?

So, you want to build a web app that conforms to your specific requirements? Here are the steps involved:

1.      Gathering Requirements

Start by gathering the requirements for the application including the needs of the organization (or individual). Be as specific as possible especially when considering the features and functionalities of the app.

2.      Design

Now, start designing the application by utilizing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Don’t forget to look at other web applications out there for inspiration.

3.      Development

Now, start developing the application yourself or by hiring a team of software developers. Remember to rigorously test the app and fix the bugs, if any.

4.      Deployment

After finishing the development phase, you have to make the web app available to users over the Internet. You can use cloud computing for that purpose.

5.      Maintenance

Your job doesn’t end with developing and deploying your web application. You will need to maintain it by issuing regular updates by adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving SEO.

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How To Build Custom Web Applications?

To build your custom web applications, you can generally adopt one of the two following pathways.

A.    No Code

Building websites has become an essential feature for businesses these days – because everything and everyone is on the internet all the time! But not everyone has coding knowledge or technical expertise, which is why website-building services offer the No Code option to build your websites. They are incredibly intuitive and are as simple as drag and drop. Here are a few popular website builder services out there:

1.     Wix

2.     SquareSpace

3.     WordPress

✔      Easy to use

✔      Beginner friendly

🗶    Limited customization

🗶    Starts at $10/month

✔      Hosting included

✔      Easy to use

✔      Drag-and-drop interface

●       More customization

🗶    Starts at $12/month

✔      Hosting included

●       Slightly more complex

✔      More flexible

✔      Very customizable

✔      Starts at $4.99/month

🗶    Hosting not included


B.     Custom Development

There are way too many options when you take the coding path for building your custom web application. And numerous of these are quite frequently used in a typical website. Therefore, you will need to hire a team of developers to get the functionalities offered by various coding languages such as:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – These are the ABCs of web applications because they communicate to a browser how to display text, images, and videos on a screen.
  • PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails (RoR) – These are server-side languages that are used to create dynamic pages, i.e., make decisions after taking input from the user.
  • MySQL or NoSQL – These are database management languages that let you store all kinds of data in a database.

Final Thoughts

Whether you code your own website or use a website builder depends on factors, such as your technical expertise, budget, time constraints, project requirements, and your desired level of customization.

If you need something quick and budget friendly, your best bet would be to go with a website builder. However, if you run a mid-tier or high-level business and need optimization in every aspect of the website – including performance, features, customization, flexibility, etc. – coding your website would be a good option.

The article was written in cooperation with the experts of SoftKraft – Custom Software Development Company


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