Should You Sleep On The Right Or The Left Side?

Finding the best and most comfortable side to sleep on can be a bit hard, there are however benefits of sleeping on either side. There are more benefits of sleeping on the left side according to research. The benefits of sleeping on the left side include.

1. It Helps The Lymphatic System

Sleeping on the left side helps your body to easily filter lymph fluid through the lymph nodes since the left side is the pronounced lymphatic side. In addition to this research also suggests that sleeping on the left side helps the brain to process waste materials. Sleeping on the right side is known to reduce the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

2. It Improves Digestion

Sleeping on the left side has a very significant effect on your digestion. Lying on the left side allows waste to move easily in the large intestine. In addition to this sleeping on the left side also make the pancreas and stomach to hang which helps in development and secretion of pancreatic enzymes which help in the digestion process.

3. Beneficial To Your Heart

Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side because it is good for your heart in that it improves blood circulation to the heart. Sleeping on the left side helps take off pressure from the heart, this helps in aortic circulation and also lymph drainage.

4. Best For Pregnant Women

It is recommended by health experts that pregnant women should sleep on the left side as this helps with blood circulation. In addition to this it also helps relive back pressure for pregnant women. It also increases blood flow to the baby, to the kidneys and the uterus, therefore doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on the left side as often as they can.

5. Reduces The Chances Of Getting A Heartburn

According to some published studies sleeping on the left side helps reduce or eliminate acid reflux symptoms, this is because the stomach is located on our left side. Sleeping on the right side may trigger acid reflux symptoms so it is advisable that you sleep on the left side if you happen to get a heartburn or to prevent the risk of getting a heartburn.

6. Relieves Back Pain

If you happen to suffer from chronic back pain you may want to consider sleeping on the left side. This is because sleeping on the left side helps reduce pressure on your spine and increases your comfort which consequently leads to getting a good night sleep.

7. Prevents Snoring

Sleeping on the left side helps to reduce the chances of snoring. Chances of snoring are higher when you sleep on your back this is because while you lie on your back, your tongue moves back into your throat.

8. Helps The Spleen Function Well

The spleen forms part of the lymphatic system, however in addition to filtering lymph it helps in filtering blood. Therefore lying on the left side helps the spleen function properly by increasing gravity.

It is therefore very evident that you should consider sleeping on the left side because there are quite a number of benefits associated with sleeping on the left side.

Should You Choose A Queen Or A King Bed?

Choosing between a queen or a king bed can be a tough thing to do. While you may think that more space is always welcome, things aren’t always this simple. This article will show you how to decide which type of bed to choose for your bedroom, in order to make the most out of your investment and to enjoy the restful sleep you deserve. It’s recommended to use a layla mattress promo code and their coupons to save money on your bed.

If your bedroom is very big and you share your bed with your partner, you should choose a king size bed. You’ll have enough space to move freely, while not cramming your room too much.

Even if you are single you may want to opt for a king size bed, as you never know how your love life will evolve over the next few years. It’s always a good idea to be prepared to share your bed with someone.

Furthermore, having a lot of room is nice, as you can roll over in your silky bed sheets for as much as you want, without restrictions. You may even sleep with your six cats and not feel crowded.

If your room doesn’t allow for such a big bed, you can safely go for a queen size one. These beds are also comfortable and big enough to accommodate two people. You’ll be fine with your choice even if both of you are overweight, as queen beds are also pretty big.

Besides, it’s always nice to have two nightstands. If going for a king bed would mean to give up one or maybe both of them, you should think twice before buying it. Filling up an entire bedroom with the bed could make you feel claustrophobic at some point in time. Make sure your bed suits the size and the shape of your bedroom.

Queen beds have the advantage of being less expensive than king beds. This makes sense, as they are smaller in size. Besides, you’ll also spend less on mattresses and on bed linen. Since these items are consumable, a queen bed will enable you to save money in the long run.

If you appreciate a good night rest, you may want to invest in a really expensive mattress featuring the most advanced materials and high-quality memory foam. If you choose a king bed, you may not be able to afford all this luxury. In such situations, it’s wiser to get the queen size bed and buy a better mattress. Your body will thank you dearly for your decision.

In conclusion, neither of the two options is bad. Just make sure you weigh all the advantages and the drawbacks of each type of bed, in order to make the right choice for you. Not affording a better quality mattress just for the sake of having a king bed isn’t the nicest thing ever.

At the same time, if money and space aren’t an issue, why not go for the king bed that would enable you to feel pampered all night long for many nights to come?

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